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I Should've Known Better - Chapter One

Title: I Shoul've Known Better
Writer: Macy {joick_mclennon}
PG13 - Light R (A bit of swearing, nothing more) 
A/N: Took me a while. Enjoy : )
Summary: Paul knows he made a huge mistake when he turned John down, back in 1963 and sometimes, he wishes he could go back and change it. But one day, in the middle of a tour with the Wings, Paul actually finds himself back in 1963. The only question is... can Paul fix the mistake he made? Can he turn his back to everything he had ever known, and change the past... and the future?


Linda McCartney wasn't ready for this.

She was ready for many different things. She was ready to leave the Wings with Paul (even though he'd never agree and she knows it) and raise the girls quietly, traveling now and then for her photography business. She was ready to perform every night, she was ready to live on the road if Paul wanted but she wasn't ready to see the young Paul McCartney, aged 20 or 21, lying next to her as she had woken up.  She remembers the party they had after their last concert; Paul was there, of course, contemplative as always – but he was clearly 30. She also knows it's not a dream; she had never felt more alive.

She feels the adrenaline rushes through her veins as she gets up, keeping an eye on young Paul. She couldn't deny he hadn't changed that much – he looked a bit younger, of course, his haircut was different and he was shaved, but other than that, he was like a clone of Paul. A clone of her Paul. She doesn't panic; the 'reasonable-Linda' (or her logic) didn't let her. She needed to figure out what happened. She needed to figure out how to bring her Paul back (wherever he was). There is no way she can cover his disappearance up – no one would believe her if she'd say he suddenly disappeared or took off – Paul would never do something like that. Showing them the younger Paul wasn't an option, of course, and telling them he was kidnapped would take the media world by storm. She definitely didn't need that. Hiding young Paul might've been her best option so far – maybe if she'd lie and say he's sick. They were outside all night long, and it was cold – it might just be the best coverup she could come up with in such a short amount of time.

She watched young Paul as his eyes fluttered as he woke up slowly. The thought of her Paul doing the same thing in somewhere else (probably where the young Paul used to be) broke her heart. He mumbled something that sounded like "Johnny" before rolling to the other side, opening his eyes and staring at her. There was an unmistakable fear in his eyes; he had slept with dozens of girls at the time and she knew it, but apparently she was too much for him. And considering the age difference between them, it was understandable. He covered his half-naked body with the white sheet, trying to find the right words to describe his confusion.

"Who are you?" he asked quietly, stumbling on his words. She took a deep breath, wondering what to tell him.  Telling him the truth sounded wrong to her; in the end, he will be back to 1962 or 1963 and then what? He will know everything. He will know about them, about his breakup with Jane, about Yoko, the Plastic Ono Band and most important – the end of his friendship with John. On the other hand, what is she supposed to say? There aren't many options. "I'll say it again," he said, trying to hide his shaking voice. "Who are you?"

"My name is Linda McCartney," she said quietly. "And I'm your wife."


Every cell in John's body screamed "Paul" as he saw the older guy staring at him. His 'Paul-instinct' was right; it was Paul. Older than him, but still Paul. And when Paul mumbled "Paul",  he knew something has to be done. How are they going to explain Brian that their Paul disappeared and this Paul, the older Paul suddenly appeared. "Oh, hi, Eppy, I have no idea where our Paul is, but this is an older Paul, I saw him in my room today. How's your breakfast?"

Paul was the same Paul he had always known; he seemed a bit more uptight, but other than that, he was the same Paul he had always known. John couldn't control the thoughts that crossed his mind; it was like telling George to stop strumming when they're writing new songs. That's how things were and will always be. He was a thinker – that is something no one will take away from him.  The world took away his mother, his uncle and his father ran away, but no one will take away his thoughts. No one can stop him for observing and analyzing; from speaking his mind. That's the kind of person he was and will always be. He knew Paul was trying to read him, and most likely succeeding as well. He knew him, and if they were still together, as a band, Paul most likely knew him better than he knows himself. There is only one thing he's not sure of – has he ever told Paul how he feels? Ever since he met him, he knew his feelings were more than friendly. And how could anyone resist Paul? It was like resisting a model-with-a-baby-face-and-fucking-puppy-dogs eyes.  Impossible.

"What are we going to do now?" Paul finally asked, as if he knew John was contemplative, analyzing everything. "Are we going to tell Brian? I guess he'll know what to do. What about George-"

"We're not going to tell Eppy, Paul." John said quietly and reasonably. "We're not going to tell George, Ringo, Mal, Eppy or anyone else. They can't know."

"But John-"

"For bloody sake, what are we going to say?! 'Hi Eppy, Hi Rings, Hi Geo, we don’t know where our Paul is but here's an older Paul. How's your brekkie?"

"I know it makes no sense, but we have to tell Brian! You know we won't be able to hide it forever."

"Maybe you won't be here forever."

"I'm not going to be here forever, you tart."

"Shut up, you git."

"Whatever, Lennon."

"Great comeback, McCartney. You haven't changed."

"Well, you have."


Suddenly, Paul turned around, mumbling to himself. He wanted to keep the argument going, he wanted to know what Paul was taking about, he wanted to know what happened, but he had to admit they had bigger problems. Like finding out what happened to Paul, how it happened to Paul, hiding it and making sure to reverse it. He can't stay here. As much as he hates to admit it, he wants his Paul back. Because he could say many things about the older Paul, but he couldn't say he was like his Paul. Everything was screwed up.

Paul sat down on his bed, his hands covering his face.  He felt as lost as John and John knew It – he was taken away from a reality he was used to, a reality with older Beatles, probably wives and maybe kids, and woke up here. It was like re-experiencing everything, and John wasn't sure he liked the idea. He sat next to Paul, wrapping his arms around him.

"It's going to be alright, Paulie. I promise." He kept mumbling as Paul hummed a unfamiliar tune – maybe something they have written in the future. He knew Paul would feel safe in his arms, just like he did in Paul's arms. That's how it was and that's how it will always be.

John and Paul, Paul and John, together, through thick and thin. 

Permanent - Part two.

Name: Permanent
Writer: joick_mclennon (aka me)
Pairing: Joick (aka Joe/Nick)
Rating: PG / PG13 (this chapter's rating)
Genre: pretty much everything, since it's a full fic. I love mixing everything up.
A/N: As said, I have parts 1-3 ready. Postin' 'em now.

I can't get your smile out of my mind (I can't get you out of my mind),
I think about your eyes all the time.

"He's perfect," Joe sighed as he fell on the couch. "He's just perfect. I can't get his eyes out of my mind. I can't get his lips out of my mind. I can't get his face out of my mind. I can't get him out of my mind. I swear, all I wanted to do was to pin him against the wall and kiss him."

Joe kept blabbering about the cute guy he saw in the grocery store, talking about his 'chocolate curls' and 'deep brown eyes' and Kevin couldn't not to smile. The last time his brother talked this way about someone was with Brandon, his ex-boyfriend. And that didn't end up very well. After cheating on him, twice (Kevin still remembers how heartbroken Joe was), Joe broke up with him. Ever since Brandon, Joe didn't have any boyfriends; so right now, listening to him blabbering about the new guy – whoever he is, Kevin couldn't be happier.

He hoped the other guy is gay too. The last thing he wanted was his little brother heartbroken again. The thing with Joe was that he always fell for the wrong person. Whether if the guy had a boyfriend, or a girlfriend – and if he was gay (and single), Joe found himself dating really strange guys. Or mean one. Exhibit A – Brandon. 

 "Kevin, are you still there?" Joe asked. "You seem… thoughtful. What are you thinking about?"

"Brandon," he said quietly. "I hope for you the guy you met isn't like Brandon. Or, well, the others you've dated. I really hope you found a normal guy for a change. Did you tell mom and dad about him?"

Joe shook his head. "For what? Dad would say it's a sin – like he always says, and that I will never be happy with a guy because god forbids it? No thanks. In case you forgot, Kevin, he kicked me out of the house because of it. And you… well, you moved in with me. You didn't have to…" Joe mumbled under his breath.

"Of course I did. Do you remember when you were six? We played and you broke mom's favorite lamp?" Joe nodded. "And mom told you to stay in your room for a day? And I was supposed to stay in my room, but I came to you. Do you remember what I said? I said 'I will never leave you alone' and I meant it. Or when you were fourteen and told me you have a boyfriend, when nobody knew you were gay? I had a' big-brother' talk with him. Mom and dad thought he was just a friend, but I knew he was more than that. Or when you were fifteen, right before dad kicked us out of the house, and your boyfriend had a party? I picked you up at 3am and told mom and dad I was the one who snuck out of the house? Mom was so mad; she took my car for a week. But I didn't mind, because I did it for you. Or when you told mom and dad that you are gay and dad yelled at you, so I told him that if he is kicking you out I'm leaving too.  And it wasn't just a treat, Joe. I meant it. Or when Brandon broke your heart, I was there for you and we had a brothers' night out. Remember? It was one of the best nights of our lives. When you were born I promised I will be the best brother in the world. When I was eight I promised I will never leave you alone. I'm nineteen now and I still keep my promises. These promises are promises I will never break."   

Joe felt hot tears running down his cheek. "You are the best brother in the world, Kevin. I don't know what I'd do without you. Without you, I'd be lost. Thank you for everything. I love you Kev." Kevin wrapped his arms around his little brother, pulling him to a loving hug.

"I love you too Joey," Kevin whispered in his ear. He had a great relationship with his brother. He couldn't ask for anything better.  "Now, when will I get to meet the mystery guy?"


"Joe! Hey, Joe!" Joe heard someone calling him. He turned around as he saw his best friend, Garbo, running towards him. "Are you deaf or something? It's the tenth time I'm calling you today!"

"Sorry," Joe smiled. Garbo was his best friend since first grade – ever since, they were inseparable. He knew everything about Garbo and Garbo knew everything about him. There were no secrets between the two of them. "So, how was your summer break?"

"It was amazing. I met this really cute chick in Brazil. You will not believe it! I got her phone number. What about you? Anything interesting? Perhaps a summer romance?"

"I wish," Joe mumbled. "I got a job for the summer at a grocery store right next to our apartment.  I wanted to help Kevin to pay the rent, you know. And I saw a really cute guy. The thing is… I don’t know who he is. I don't even know his name." Joe sighed.

"Well then, I guess we're on a mission to find him, right?" Garbo asked, smiling at his best friend. Joe deserves to be happy. "By the way, Kevin said something about Brandon visiting you – feel like explaining?"

"Oh, that. Well, one day Brandon just burst into our apartment and begged to have me back. Kevin got so mad at him. He had many excuses, so I ended up throwing  a shoe on him."

Garbo laughed. "Oh no you didn't!"

"I did! You had to see the look on his face. Like, 'what do you think you're doing?!'. But I didn't care. I'm so sick of him – I'm glad he's graduated. I can't stand seeing him wherever I go – as far as I knew, he moved to North Carolina. Good riddance," Joe smiled.

"The farther, the better," Garbo agreed. "Come on, let's go. We need our schedules. After all, we're her to study. Or that's what the system thinks, anyway. "

Ten minutes later, the boys found themselves comparing their schedules, just like they always did. "So we're together in Chemistry, English, P.E and Spanish. Ugh. I wish we'd have more classes together."

"Agreed," Joe said. "Well, we'll-" he stopped as he saw a familiar boy walking in front of him. It's like he's seen him before, but he wasn’t sure where or when. But when the guy turned around, Joe knew exactly who he was. The guy from the grocery store. The guy he couldn't get out of his mind.

"So this is the mysterious guy, huh? I'm not gay, but I gotta admit – he is pretty hot." Greg stated.

"He's more than that. He is beautiful," Joe whispered as he saw the guy of his dreams walking away.

He needed to find whatever he can about him.

In A World of Myth. [Joick & McLennon].

Hi everyone.

Well, I had this idea for a while and I finally decided to write it. It's going to be the biggest writing project I have ever had. I cannot believe I'm actually typing these words, and I feel like some people would want to kill me for that (well, keep wanting), but I am going to mix my favorite bands - The Jonas Brothers and The Beatles into a three-books fanfiction. (No need to bring your javelins now. I still need to explain what I mean... you can kill me later). I'm actually taking a storyline (I'll explain in a minute) and use it on both bands, both relationship, and most imporant - one book will occur in 1964 and the other one in 2012. One heck of a challenge

.But what is the storyline anyway? it's pretty simple, so I'll summarize it in one sentence: everything is not what it seems. I decided to take everything that people think is a myth, including gods (like Greek gods and stuff), and turn it into reality. This ain't gonna be easy, I know, but I believe it's worth it. Besides... Paul and Nick kinda look like angels.... don't they?

Anyway, I will write the first & second books at the same time, simply because one is a Beatles book and one is a Jonas book. The Jonas book will be posted here & on jonasslash, while the Beatles book will be posted here & on johnheartpaul. The third book will be posted in both communities since it is related to both Jonas and The Beatles. You don't have to read the other book if you don't like The Beatles / The Jonas Brothers but I do recommend it since I will talk about things that relate to both books. But again, you don't have to. Just ask me to summarize the book you haven't read before I will start posting the third book. I don't mind. Again, you just have to ask me to do it

The First book: Switched with an angel - Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas have been brothers since... well, since Nick was born, back in 1992. They weren't very close when Nick was a child, but then, out of the blue, in 1998, they had became closer than ever. Joe didn't know what happened or how it happened, and he didn't mind. His little brother had finally liked him. Looked up for him... trusted him. But there is a secret no one but Nick knows. A secret that will change their lives forever, especially when they accidentally fall in love with each other. AU, they are not famous. Kevin exists (duh), Frankie... doesn't. 

Second Book: I'm Only Sleeping - Paul McCartney and John Lennon always had a different chemistry. It started back in 1957, but now, during their world tour in 1964, it's stronger than ever. It seems like they need each other, like each one of them needs air. Neither of them will admit it, of course, but everyone around them know it's true. But when John finds some strange facts about his mate, he refuses to believe Paul had lied to him for so long. And sometimes, the only way to find out the truth is to get even closer... Important note: I don't speak British English. So I will use American / Canadian English, and I apologize if I'll add some Canadian slang. It's a habit.

Third book: When Two Different Worlds Collide.. Oh, you'll see.

Anyway, this is it. Now you can bring the javelins and kill me if you'd like. I don't recommend it, tho. 

Macy :)

Permanent [Joick] - Part 1

Name: Permanent
Writer: joick_mclennon (aka me)
Pairing: Joick (aka Joe/Nick)
Rating: NC17 (final rating)
Summary: Nick Miller isn't a regular kid. Ever since he remembers himself, his family moves from town to town around the U.S. When Nick and his family arrive to New York City, he meets Joe, and before he knows it, he's in love. But the only question is...  can Nick stay, when nothing in his life is... permanent?
Genre: pretty much everything, since it's a full fic. I love mixing everything up.
A/N: Well, hello everyone! You don't know me (duh), so I'll introduce myself. Hi, I'm Macy. Now you know me. Part of you might recognize this one (I've posted it on JonaFic too), but in case you didn't.. enjoy :) By the way, I already have three parts ready so I'll post them now. 

Nicholas Miller (or Nick, for short), has never been to a city for more than a year. His family is always on the road, always trying to find the next place to live in; the next place to explore. So far, he had lived in Seattle, Dallas, Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Detroit, Atlanta, Miami, Tulsa, Boston, and even Vancouver in Canada.  Yet, he never felt like he found the right place to live in – the right place to stay.

Nick doesn't have friends besides his dog, Elvis. His parents bought it to him when he was ten, somewhere in Boston. He always told them he needed company – since he never managed to stay in touch with the friends he met. Sure, he met some really sweet girls, like Vanessa in Chicago or Miley in Los Angeles, but he never had the chance to see them again after they said their goodbyes.

Nick knew New York will be the same. His parents will rent a nice apartment, jobs and find him the perfect school; back when he was just a little boy, he thought it means they'd stay. Now he knows he was wrong. It means they're trying to make good impression before leaving to another city. He doesn't know why would normal people live their lives like that, but everyone knew his parents weren't normal. They were insane. According to him, anyway.

            He can't wait to see all the famous attractions (or tourists traps, depends on your point of view), like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building or Staten Island Ferry. And for him, the best thing about New York is Broadway. The lights, the stages… his dream. He knows he will never have the chance to perform there, but he'll never stop dreaming. It's the thing that keeps him strong.

He is looking at the outside, smiling to himself. Right now, they are next to the Times Square – meaning, they are close to their new apartment. Nick cannot believe they found an apartment in the middle of Manhattan- seems crazy, isn't it? Most of the people can't. But somehow, his parents found an apartment.

"So, Nicky, are you excited?" His mother, Lilian Miller, asked quietly. "Welcome to New York City."

"I'm hungry," Nick mumbled, dying to get out of the car. "And I think my levels are little low too," he added, knowing they can't ignore his diabetes. It was unthinkable. His mother turned to him, handing him a twenty dollar bill. He rolled his eyes, grabbing the bill. He had money, of course, but whenever he told his mother his levels were low she gave him money. As if he couldn't pay for himself when his levels were low.

"Dear, stop here," Lillian told her husband, James Miller. It was right next to a grocery store – of course. His father stopped the car and Nick stepped out of it, leaving Elvis inside. "Sorry boy," he whispered in his ear before closing the door. He had no idea where he was or what to do. He sighed as he saw the car driving away – excellent. How does he suppose to find the apartment now?

If you're already here, maybe you should get some orange juice. Or any other juice you'd like, said a little voice inside his head. The voice was right – his levels were low; at lease he can take care of himself, even if he can't find his new house.  Always think positive, Vanessa used to say. He misses her – she was one of the coolest girls he's ever met.

"Don't think about it now," he mumbled under his breath. He walked inside, looking around. He had perceptive – soon enough he will walk around like it wasn't the first time he was there. And he found the juice sooner than he thought – little orange juice cartons, just like he needed. He grabbed one and walked to the register, handing the twenty-dollar bill.

"Here’s your change," he heard a sweet, silky voice. For the first time he looked at the cashier. He was bit older than him -   seventeen or eighteen years old. Nick found himself staring at his eyes, his deep, brown eyes. The guy brushed a strand of hair from his face, smiling at him. His smile was beautiful; Nick felt his heart skipping a beat. This can’t be happening to him.

Nick grabbed his change, thanking the guy as he glanced at his name-tag. Joe. He couldn't see more than that, but that was enough. Even his name was perfect… just like him.

He ran to the street, trying to find the right direction to his apartment, when all he can think about was the guy from the grocery store. Joe.


He knew he found the house when he saw Elvis waiting for him; just like always, the dog sat at the doorstep, waiting for his owner to come. When it comes to Elvis, Nick was its only owner – he was the only one who took care of him, who played with him and loved him. Treated him like he was more than a dog.

"Hi boy," Nick smiled, petting his dog. "Do you know how am I supposed to get in?"

The dog barked, as if he told Nick's parents Nick was there. His mother opened the door, smiling at her son. "What are you doing outside?"

"Well, since I have no key…" he mumbled before walking inside as Elvis is right behind him, walking inside. "I had no choice but staying outside."

Nick ran to his room, trying to figure out what do to and ignoring his mother, who called him to sit with her and his father and tell him what happened. But he needed some time to think. He needed time to figure out what to do now.

He wanted to see Joe again. He couldn't get him out of his mind. He couldn't get his smile out his mind; he couldn't get his eyes out of him mind… he needed to see him again. But how? He couldn't walk into the grocery store and ask to see the "cute cashier who works there". And if he'd ask for Joe, Joe wouldn't want to see him again. He was pretty sure Joe had a girlfriend. He doesn't even know him. Wouldn't it be weird? He wouldn't want Joe to think he is a stalker or something. No. He just can't do that.

And then there's another problem… Nick will stay here for year, maybe year and a half, if he'll be lucky. He can't fall in love; because right now, falling in love means saying goodbye. And Nick wasn't sure he was ready for it.

He just wasn't ready to be broken again. He needed something permanent. Something real. He needed to see Joe again. 

Well, hello there.

Where should I start? I guess at the beginning. That's what most of the people tend to do. Usually, when you introduce yourself, you start at the beginning. Not that I'm like most of the people, so I can start in the end. But if I start in the end, I should probably stop writing this stupid paragraph and actually introduce myself. Or say bye, since I'm starting in the end.... never mind. I give up. I'll be like every other sane person in the world.

Hello everyone. My name is Macy (Jonas fans will freak out, like they always do. Just keep calm. In with good air, out with weird air, as Kevin said). I think in many ways, the way to describle myelf will be in music. But it's not High School Musical here, so I won't. I'm a Jonascest freak (aka Joick, Jovin, Jovinick and Kevick) and McLennon. Not that I have something against George / John or something, but let's face it - McLennon is the best and you know it. I write fanfictions whenever I can (mostly Joick. I'm having a hard time to write in British-English). Honestly, the main reason I joined LJ is because of johnheartpaul and jonasslash. Other than that.... not really.

And since I'm lame at introducing myself, feel free to ask whatever you'd like. : )